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Glace Bay Painters

LDG Industriel boasts many years of experience painting industrial properties, commercial businesses, and residential buildings throughout Glace Bay, Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Truro, New Glasgow, Cape Breton, Kentville, Amherst, Bridgewater, and Yarmouth. Our commitment to delivering detailed work to all of our clients has made our Glace Bay painters the leading painting service providers in Nova Scotia. In addition to their excellent skills and experience, our painters are fully equipped with quality paints, professional equipment, and specific knowledge of advanced painting techniques to handle any painting job. Our exceptional painters are pleased to offer our superior painting services at affordable rates, including:

Glace Bay Commercial Painting
  • Low-rise / high-rise building painting
  • Retail store painting
  • Office painting
  • Parking lot / garage painting
  • School / church painting
Glace Bay Industrial Painting
  • Industrial building / unit painting
  • Metal deck ceiling painting
  • Machinery & equipment painting
  • Floor lines & markings
Glace Bay Residential Painting
  • Exterior residential painting
  • Interior residential painting
  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Sandblasting

Our Glace Bay painters are ready to tackle any project from creating an inviting commercial space to painting an industrial facility, or simply touching up a room in your home! All of our painting professionals are fully insured and licensed per industry standards. All of our services can be customized to meet your specific needs and are fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Our Glace Bay painters complete every project to our clients 100% satisfaction! We take pride in the fact that our beautiful painting projects can be found in numerous commercial businesses, industrial facilities, and houses all over Nova Scotia.

Our Glace Bay painters are ready to assist you with all of your commercial, industrial, and residential painting needs. We also offer additional specialized services, including durable epoxy floor coatings, and professional sandblasting. For a better idea of what our Glace Bay painters can do for you, take a look at our gallery of project photos. Explore our site to learn more about our company, our painters, and read testimonials from our valued clients. Contact us to arrange for your free consultation and no-obligation quote today!


With many years of painting experience, LDG Industriel is ready to meet all your painting needs, including low-rise / high-rise commercial building painting, industrial building / unit painting, interior and exterior residential painting, sandblasting, epoxy floor coatings, kitchen cabinet painting, and more!


"We had some painting done and the results exceeded our expectations. From the initial quote done to work completion and follow up everything has been stellar."

- Grant V.

"Highly professional team - job site was kept clean and work was done ahead of schedule and on budget."

- David P.

"Everyone we spoke to were unable to deliver what we needed done. However LDG was able to. Very happy to have worked with them."

- Zachary H.

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